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Theo 1 Cover

On his eighth birthday, Theophilus Messenger began a dangerous new life in another world that no human child had ever seen.

Now, it’s up to him to convince his friends that Terraparable and all of the fantastic, intelligent creatures on its six continents are real ... AND locked in a countdown to their destruction.

If Theo fails to complete his five trials in time, The LINK to Terraparable, and the land itself, will be lost forever.

Theo is a truly gifted child. However, becoming the hero of two worlds is a lot to expect from any fourth grader.

Theophilus Messenger and The L.I.N.K. to Terraparable

is the first book in a series of seven fantasy novels written for middle-grade readers. Each story in the series is not only fantastical, but also Biblically allegorical at it's core. A downloadable "key to the allegory" reveals The Secrets of the Series (the doctrinal truths hidden within each book).



Click here for concept illustrations and to learn more about the 7 Books.

Secrets of the Series ... Click here to learn more about the Key to the Allegory of Book 1.


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"I can't wait till book two!"

Luticia - Age 11 - Illinois


"I haven't read any other book like this. It is SUPER AWESOME!!!!"

Brady - Age 11 - Illinois


"I really liked it. It was full of action and it was funny."

Tilovon - Age 11 - Illinois


"I could not put it down. This is the best book I've ever read. I read it in 3 days."

Braden - Age 11 - West Virginia


"I thought this book was really cool how all the clues and hints and other parts to the story eventually piece together."

Leah - Age 11 - Illinois


"After you finish all 7 books you should make 7 movies about it. Also, PLEASE, make action figures! Can you make coffee cups from it?"

Hunter - Age 8 - Ohio


"A delightful fantasy book I thoroughly enjoyed. It was well described and I am looking forward to the next book."

Sarah - Age 12 - North Carolina


"I enjoy each visit to Terraparable. The imagery of the creatures and scenery are great. I wish you could go into more detail about other creatures like the groundlings and the obnoxes (in future books) ... I love the floatus creature the best. Theo is a hero who isn't reluctant or chicken or whiny. He's someone you can believe in."

Mrs. Haynes - Parent - North Carolina


"My favorite part was all of it."

Emma - Age 8 - Illinois


"My favorite parts were when Cara was participating in Karate class."

Andrea - Age 8 - Indiana


"My favorite characters were Cubby and Cara (Cara, because she is bold and strong). I really enjoyed reading the book and can't wait to read the next one." 

Kayleigh - Age 10 - Alabama


"My favorite part was when Theo finally realized that Terraparable was not all fun and games. He realized that his actions must have consequences. I liked Cubby as a mentor and guide. Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed the book A LOT! Can't wait until the next one comes out!!!"

Jacob - Age 12 - Alabama


"My favorite part was when Cara and Theo were in the Karate match."

Mikayla - Age 12 - Illinois


"I LOVED the entire book!! Can't wait for the next one. I'd like to critique it (as a beta reader) too."

Halley - Age 12 - Ohio


"Extremely whimsical without bordering on babyish. Each chronocease took me on an adventure, and I was a little disappointed when I had to leave Terraparable." 

Shirley - Adult Critiquer - Illinois

What do readers think of Theo?

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