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About Micah's Blog

Welcome to my home on the web!

Whether you are a child, teen, parent, teacher, or student, I look forward to participating in your Christian edu-tainment through this blog. &:)

Future posts will include the following segment types:

  • YouMinOsophy - "Youth Ministry Philosophy" These will be short articles about more effectively engaging the minds of young people.

  • RaySOP's Fables - These will be short, allegorical "Stories Of Perspective" to read to younger children. Discussion points will be included after each story.

  • JLM Images - These are original art pieces done by Lynda Ray (Micah's mother). Each circular image has been created from the same base initials of JLM which stands for Jesus Loves Me. To date, there are over 300 such images on file.

  • Random Posts - It's my blog, and I can post if I want to. &:)

I look forward to hearing your comments and questions. You can contact me HERE.

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