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How to Share Your Faith (Free, Downloadable Materials)

Several years ago, I wrote this little booklet, The Great Commission Manual, as a guide to help teach teenagers (or anyone else for that matter) a simple but thorough way to lead their friends to Christ, see that friend follow the Lord in Baptism, and then train that friend to do the same for others. Only by fulfilling ALL THREE parts of Jesus’ Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20 can we be fully obedient in furthering His Kingdom. Winning Souls to Christ is very near to the heart of God, and this manual not only demonstrates how to do it, but it also stresses the importance of obedience and discipleship that are to occur after salvation!

I offer The Great Commission Manual to anyone as a free downloadable .pdf file. Simply click on the link below to access it. Please feel free to download, print, copy, and distribute it as you see fit in your endeavors to teach yourself, your young people, or your friends how to fulfill the Great Commission!

The Great Commission Manual GCM Cover

Teaching Tips:

  • Use this as part of a multi-week curriculum that ends with a written test and a live demonstration of their skills to gauge what your students have learned. Motivate them with some sort of reward for passing the tests (although God’s eternal rewards will far outweigh yours)!

  • Feel free to modify the text to fit your individual style; ie. illustrations, additional verses, etc.

  • Stress the importance of witnessing. This is, arguably, the greatest life-skill you’ll ever pass on!

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