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JLM - Eagle with Snake

Can you find the initials "JLM" in this image?

Hint: You may have to look at it from different angles.

This blog features original artwork from art teacher and illustrator, Lynda Ray.

The JLM project consists of more than 300 different original works of art, all of which have been derived from the same original image! The letters JLM were originally inscribed into a circle (seen above) to represent the fact that Jesus Loves Me! Lynda challenged herself to see just how many different solutions could come out of one problem. Several hundred different images have now been derived using those original lines found in the JLM Circle. The message of Jesus’ Love can be seen in each one of these unique images of His creation around us.*

*Images shown are the sole property of Lynda Ray and are used on this blog by permission. Reproduction and distribution by any means without written permission is forbidden. Copyright 2014 claimed on all artwork by Lynda Ray.


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